Chimukali Film

This film is based on saving the girl child and stopping female foeticide.

In this film there is no comparison between a boy and a girl, by stating the point that both are equally important for the well being of society. As girls are looked upon as a symbol of love and care, the girl child in this film makes a humble request to live and make a difference in the world.

This film shows a baby girl singing a song from her mother’s womb, expressing her feelings and dreams. She wants to live life to the fullest and bring her dreams into reality. She is even looking forward to receiving love and acceptance from her parents and grandparents. She wants to be treated like a human being and live a dignified life.

By sharing examples of famous and successful women, she makes a point of how girls have achieved so much in reality and they are capable of doing much more. Hence we should welcome the girl child as well, with the same love and joy…

Even though the girl in the film is asking questions about her existence, visually the film shows positivity, hope and acceptance. The animation style of the film complements its theme.